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Ostomy Supply Distributors & Manufacturers

Local Ostomy Supply Distributors (North Central OK)

Cimarron Medical Services (Stillwater) (405) 377-9735(800) 368-1346
Knight Medical Supply LLC (Stillwater) (405) 743-1646(800) 267-6531
Toni’s Westside Health Mart (Ponca City) (580) 765-4456

Mail Order Ostomy Supply Distributors that take Medicare Assignment*

Byram Healthcare (877) 902-9726
Edgepark Medical Supplies (888) 394-5375
Liberator Medical Supply (866) 642-6140
Liberty Medical Supply (800) 723-9558
Medical Care Products (800) 741-0110
Shield HealthCare (800) 765-8775
Sterling (McKesson) (888) 907-8775

Mail Order Ostomy Supply Distributors that don’t take Medicare Assignment*

BPI Medical Supply (800) 476-7496
Bruce Medical Supply (800) 225-8446
Express Medical Supply (800) 633-2139
OstomyCareSupply.com (866) 207-5909
Parthenon - Mail Order (800) 453-8898

Mail Order Distributor of Specialty Ostomy Products

C&M Ostomy Supplies (954) 234-7120

Ostomy Supply Manufacturers**

Awestomy! Ostomy Apparel with Attitude (800) 269-2830
B. Braun Medical (800) 227-2862
Colo-Majic Liners (866) 611-6028
Coloplast (800) 533-0464
ConvaTec (800) 422-8811
Cymed Micro Skin (800) 582-0707
Eakin Cohesive Seals (distributed by
ConvaTec in North America)
(800) 422-8811
The Great Bowel Movement Ostomy & IBD Shirts    Send Email
Hollister, Incorporated (888) 740-8999
KEM Osto-EZ-Vent (888) 562-8802
Marlen Manufacturing (216) 292-7060
Nu-Hope Laboratories products include Hernia belts,
Non-adhesive systems
(800) 899-5017
OPTIONS Ostomy Support Underwear
(distributed by Edgepark)
(800) 321-0591
OstomySecrets Stylish Underwear (877) 613-6246
Ostomy SuperSan New company making pouches (888) 888-3095
The Perma-Type Company (800) 243-4234
Shadow Buddies (913) 642-4646
Stealth Belt Ostomy Support Belt (800) 237-4491
StoMedical - StomaGARD, SportGARD, etc. (800) 814-4195
 * If you’re a Medicare beneficiary with original Medicare, a supplier who takes assignment agrees to be paid directly by Medicare, to accept the payment amount Medicare approves for the item, and not to bill you for any more than the Medicare deductible and coinsurance. A supplier who doesn’t take assignment may still help you file Medicare claims, but can charge prices for your supplies (which you’ll need to pay up front) that may exceed Medicare approved payment amounts. Then you’ll need to get reimbursed by Medicare, which may take typically 4 to 6 weeks, where the reimbursement will be based on Medicare approved payment amounts.
 We know there are many other insurances besides (original) Medicare. Supplier procedures can vary with different insurances, based on the supplier’s relationship with a particular insurance provider. So it’s always best to check with a potential supplier to find out how they would work with your insurance, and whether there would be any problem obtaining the particular supplies you need.
** The bigger manufacturers (Hollister, Coloplast, ConvaTec, etc.) do not sell directly to consumers, but will send free samples of their products when requested. They also may have ostomy nurses on call, to provide help over the phone.

The operators of this OstomyOK website provide the listings on this page as a public service and assume no responsibility for the integrity of any companies listed here. Please note that many of the toll-free phone numbers are usable only within the United States. Some companies have a different toll-free number for use in Canada. Also note that these links have been provided for free, so must not be regarded as advertisements.

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