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UOAA Ostomy Care Guides

Most of the publications below, many available in both English and Spanish, were produced originally by the United Ostomy Association (UOA), which was the volunteer-based national ostomy organization in the United States from 1962 to 2005. UOA shut down in Fall of 2005 and released the copyrights on its publications. Many of the documents have been revised by the United Ostomy Associations of America (UOAA), which is the new national ostomy organization formed to fill the void left by UOA’s dissolution. Note that although UOA doesn't exist any more, its old toll-free number (800-826-0826) reaches UOAA now, and UOA’s old website URL (www.uoa.org) redirects to UOAA’s website.

Note: The links below all access resources from the UOAA National Website.

New Ostomy Patient Guide (in PDF format, for all ostomy types)

New Ostomy Patient Guide: In English
(88 pp, 4.3 MB)

Guidebooks (all in PDF format)

Colostomy Guide: In English
(24 pp, 299 kB)
En Español
(29 pp, 265 kB)
Ileostomy Guide: In English
(31 pp, 751 kB)
En Español
(30 pp, 172 kB)
Urostomy Guide: In English
(25 pp, 299 kB)
En Español
(24 pp, 118 kB)
Urostomy Guide:
In English
(21 pp, 223 kB)
En Español
(25 pp, 271 kB)
Ileoanal Reservoir
(J-Pouch) Guide:
In English
(29 pp, 517 kB)
En Español
(31 pp, 590 kB)
Diet & Nutrition
In English
(71 pp, 2.1 MB)
En Español
(22 pp, 99 kB)
Intimacy, Sexuality
and an Ostomy:
In English
(20 pp, 1020 kB)
En Español
(20 pp, 1.15 MB)

Reference Cards (all in PDF format)

Ileostomy Blockage
Treatment Card:
In English
(2 pp, 183 kB)
Ostomate’s Food
Reference Chart:
In English
(1 pp, 109 kB)
En Español
(1 pp, 210 kB)

Brochures (all in PDF format)

Surgical Options for
Bowel Diversion:
In English
(2 pp, 159 kB)
Surgical Options for
Bladder Diversion:
In English
(2 pp, 152 kB)
Orthotopic Neobladder: In English
(2 pp, 80 kB)
Resources for Employment-
based Discrimination:
In English
(2 pp, 86.5 kB)
Living with an Ostomy: In English
(3 pp, 894 kB)
En Español
(3 pp, 768 kB)

Fact Sheets (web pages on UOAA site)

Colostomy Fact Sheet:  In English 
Ileostomy Fact Sheet:  In English 
Urostomy Fact Sheet:  In English 
Sexuality Fact Sheet:  In English 
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