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Ostomy Association of North Central Oklahoma

Virtual Run for Resilience – October 5, 2024

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In support of the 2024 Ostomy Awareness Day, our group is holding a Virtual Run for Resilience. In connection with this event, those of us in Stillwater, Oklahoma are also doing a group walk around Boomer Lake as described below. In 8 cities this year, UOAA’s Run for Resilience series includes fully organized in-person 5 km Run/Walk events, some with timed races on certified courses. The series also includes more informal “Virtual” events which can be held anywhere. Ours is one of those more informal events (definitely not a race!).

Show your support for people with an ostomy or continent diversion by participating in our Virtual Run for Resilience event. You can participate no matter where you’re located. The first step is to register to get an event T-Shirt and Race Bib. To register as a member of our group's “team,” please go to runsignup.com/Race/Register/RaceGroup-1557546?raceId=22873

And note: If you register by July 31st, you will receive your Race T-shirt and Bib EARLY (by the end of August or beginning of September). You will also save $5 with Early Bird pricing and your name will be entered into a drawing to receive a special Run for Resilience Ostomy 5k gift.

Once you’ve registered, please wear your T-Shirt and Race Bib while you Run, Walk, Roll, Pedal or whatever on Oct 5, 2024. You can do this wherever you’re located. However, if you can be in Stillwater, Oklahoma on that date, we hope you’ll join us for our group walk around Boomer Lake as indicated in the details below.

Also, whether or not you participate by Walking, Running, etc., you can donate to UOAA in support of our event at runsignup.com/north-central-ok-donate

Location:   Boomer Lake, Stillwater OK, meet at southwest parking lot (see map below)
Date:   Saturday, Oct 5, 2024
Time:   10:00 am

[Boomer Lake, Stillwater, Oklahoma]

The Boomer Lake SOUTHWEST parking lot, shown by a red rectangle in the above map, is near the intersection of Lakeview Road and North Washington Street. As shown by the map’s red arrows, you can reach this parking lot by entering the park from either Washington Street (about midway between Lakeview Road and Airport Road) or from Lakeview Road (just east of Washington Street).

After meeting at this parking lot, we’ll take photos and then do a walk (or run, if you wish) on the path that circles the lake. A loop around the lake is approximately 5 km (actually, it’s closer to 4.9 km). Most of us will do a lap around the lake, but if you don’t want to go that far, that’s okay – any distance you walk or run is fine. (And if you’d like to do multiple laps, that’s fine too!)

And, remember that whether or not you walk or run in our event, you can still donate on our event’s fundraising page.

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This page last revised 2024-06-29

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