From North Central Oklahoma Ostomy Outlook February 2011:

Shut the Door, Maggie

from Metro Halifax (NS) News

We have a new puppy and her name is “Maggie.”
She is so cute and a beautiful Nova Scotia Retriever pup.
She is definitely in the learning stages and my husband is
spending lots of time with her. It’s
“Sit, down, come and pee, Maggie.”
He keeps treats in a plastic bag in his coat or shirt and
each time Maggie does something cute or correct, he
rewards her.
She certainly knows the sound of the plastic bag.
Maggie’s Dad and Trainer is good at what he does and
I’m sure Maggie will be well trained; however, Maggie’s
Dad did not teach her that her Mom has an Ostomy pouch
on her belly and that she doesn’t always shut the bathroom
door. Don’t let your brain run ahead of the facts. There
were not any big accidents; however, Maggie and I
learned very quickly that there is a difference between a
treat and an Ostomy pouch.
I sat on the throne and began doing what I do best and the
first thing I knew Maggie came running and jumped up on
my knees, digging and sniffing for the plastic bag.
I assured her there was no treat in my plastic bag and
proceeded to get her down and yell for assistance from my
I’m sure Maggie still hasn’t learned the difference in the
sound of the rattle but her mother has certainly learned to
“Shut the Door.”

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