From Stillwater-Ponca City (OK) Ostomy Outlook June 2001:

Oklahoma UOA Web Pages Moved to New Address

by Bob Baumel, Webmaster, Stillwater-Ponca City (OK) UOA Chapter, June 2001

The Oklahoma UOA web pages have a new home. I moved them after discovering that the webspace where I had been keeping these pages, namely, the space provided by my personal Internet Service Provider (“Horizon Internet Technologies” or “”) would cease to exist on July 18, 2001. To deal with this emergency, I signed up with a new ISP (Earthlink). But for our Oklahoma UOA web pages, I didn’t want to move them into the personal webspace from still another ISP.

Therefore, I decided to register a “domain name” for these pages. The name I acquired is “” (or “”). Now, the web address:

brings up the Oklahoma UOA home page which, since Fall of 1998, has included six of the UOA chapters in Oklahoma--not just our own Stillwater-Ponca City chapter. Each of these 6 chapters is now accessible by its own reasonably short web address: Sill City City

It’s worth noting that I am not actually maintaining the web pages for all 6 of these chapters. The Lawton-Fort Sill chapter has had its own webmaster, namely Jim Rice, for roughly the past year. Jim and I have our pages linked together into a single site. But he manages the Lawton-Fort Sill pages independently and has done a great job with them.

Each of the remaining four chapters (aside from Lawton-Fort Sill and our Stillwater-Ponca City chapter) has a single page on the site; I update those pages whenever the chapters send me new material.

If you haven’t checked out our Oklahoma UOA site recently, log on and see all we have to offer. Features include a fairly comprehensive list of ostomy supply distributors & manufacturers, and a collection of articles which have appeared in this newsletter. In fact, at the time I moved the site to, it already included 125 newsletter articles, so it required some work to move all those pages!

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