From Stillwater-Ponca City (OK) Ostomy Outlook July 1999:

Ode to the ET Nurse

from Janice Petrocchi, Orange County Chapter; via Worcester (MA) New Diversions

Your ET nurse is your best friend,
She treats you right from end to end.

Always the teacher, forever the nurse,
She helps you get better, never worse!

If bowel or bladder, her care's the same,
Your stoma's welfare tops her aim,

To have it flow when it should flow,
And keep its healthy rosebud glow.

She gets you right back on your feet,
She goads, cajoles you, always sweet.

While all the while she teaches you
That life's worthwhile to start anew.

"The stoma means a new beginning,"
She tells you, "Now's the time for winning,
and rush to join the joyous throng
that celebrates life's happy song."

"Visit," she says, "Go tell your story."
Please keep it simple and save the glory,
To help the patients gather hope,
and find new ways to help them cope.

But, goes your stoma on the blink,
The nurse is there, quick as a wink,
To poke it, soak it, daub it with goo,
And when she is done, your stoma's like new.

To sum it all up, a friend indeed,
A shining light in time of need,
The ET nurse takes care of you,
As only your very own mother would do.

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