From Stillwater-Ponca City (OK) Ostomy Outlook Jan 1999:

Night Time Bowel Movements After Pelvic Pouch Surgery

from The Cleveland Clinic; via Lorain County (OH) Ostomy Association

Many patients with a pelvic pouch are troubled by the need to get up frequently to move their bowels during sleep. This interruption of sleep leads to fatigue during the day and decreased satisfaction with their surgery. Even though the results will never be "perfect," there are some tips which can be followed to decrease the number of bowel movements at night.

It has become customary in our culture to eat our largest meal for supper. Furthermore, with busy work schedules, the evening meal may be taken later at night than the traditional 5 pm time. For patients troubled with night time bowel movements, trying to eat their largest meal at lunchtime may help. The smaller the meal is during the evening, the less amount of waste to fill the pouch at night. Additionally, eating as early as possible will also help decrease the need to get up at night.

Some people are sensitive to certain foods which may increase the frequency of bowel movements. The usual culprits are fried/fatty foods and milk and milk products. Eliminating these foods or others which you may be sensitive to may help.

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