From Stillwater-Ponca City (OK) Ostomy Outlook Dec 1998:

The Challenge of Pouching in Difficult Situations

from Metro Wash By-Pass; via Oklahoma City Ostomy News

"What can I do to pouch a difficult stoma or to work with creases?" These are questions frequently asked of the Ostomy Association. Most likely, you need an evaluation by your ET nurse. There are some helpful hints that might solve your problem. Creases are a constant source of frustration. Filling them in with a product like Stomahesive or Hollister Premium paste might be of benefit. The trick is to make a level surface. Be sure to spread the paste with a wet finger to avoid sticking. If the pouch tends to pull loose at a certain spot, a little skin bond cement or some type of adhesive made for skin can be of benefit. Be sure to protect the skin first with skin prep, skin gel, skin shield, or one of the coatings made for ostomy appliances. Let the cement dry before applying the pouch. Sometimes it helps to cement both the pouch and the skin. Always use a thin coat. Remember, it is like painting woodwork.

Editor's note: This is a rather old article. Many ostomates now find Eakin Seals, or similar products, to be a better alternative to pastes. Instead of add-on cements, try experimenting with other brands and models of appliances with different barriers, as a great many are now available. Also, beware of using too many products. As we've emphasized in other articles, the simplest combination of products that works is generally best.

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