From Stillwater-Ponca City (OK) Ostomy Outlook January 2002:


via Jamestown (NY) Ostomy Newsletter

To do your part, you can:

Run for office, rather than waiting to see who is elected;
Assist with activities, rather than just praising (or criticizing) the results;
Become a visitor, rather than just remembering how helpful your visitor was to you;
Submit questions and/or suggestions, rather than wondering if anyone else thought of it;
Come to the meetings, rather than just reading the newsletter;
Suggest a program topic, rather than discussing how uninteresting the meeting was;
Volunteer to help with an exhibit, meeting or social function;
Talk to a new member, rather than wondering who that shy, embarrassed person is there in the corner;
Bring a new member if you know of an ostomate who doesn't know about us.

This group belongs to each of you, not a handful of members, or medical advisors, or equipment suppliers. If it thrives and grows, it will be because of each and every one of you!

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