From Stillwater-Ponca City (OK) Ostomy Outlook September 2001:

What the UOA National Organization Does for You

from presentation at Annual Chapter & Member Meeting; UOA National Conference, St Paul, MN; Aug 9, 2001

What Is Our Job in the UOA National Organization?

  1. To conduct those programs involved in fulfilling the education, information and support elements of our mission that cannot be done at a local level, e.g., OQ, Youth Rally,, major care manuals and other publications, Annual Conference, Young Adult Conference, etc.
  2. To conduct those programs involved in fulfilling the representational elements of our mission, e.g., advocacy (government, industry, medical community) and prevention.
  3. To provide administrative support to our chapters and networks to facilitate and enable them to implement their share of our mission.
  4. To maintain and build our financial viability.
  5. To maintain our role in the national network of ostomy caregivers and to derive the maximum leverage that may result.
  6. Within reason, to attempt to bring the benefits available through UOA to anybody needing it in the US, and to be a citizen in the global ostomy community.

Editor's note: To anybody who may be reading this newsletter but isn't currently a UOA member - After considering all that UOA is doing for you, I hope you'll consider joining us to support this effort. Membership in our local chapter automatically includes membership in the UOA national organization.

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