From Stillwater-Ponca City (OK) Ostomy Outlook July-Aug 2001:

New Advocacy Section on the UOA Website

by Linda Aukett; Chair, UOA Government Affairs Committee; July 28, 2001

That's a new address, for a brand new section of the UOA website. Webmaster Bob Baumel has helped us fit some purchased "content" seamlessly into the site, designed to inform you and our other members about UOA's advocacy issues and activities and to give all of you a ready means to communicate with your elected officials - and much much more!

Our thanks go to a UOA member from Washington State, whose donation helped us to trial this for a year.

  • "Elected Officials" helps locate members of Congress and its committees, via zip code or a map - and provides a way to send either email or a printed letter to them;
  • "Issues and Legislation" allows visitors to follow current bills of interest to us;
  • "Media Guide" helps visitors locate political reporters and editors in local newspapers, radio stations, etc (and can be a help to chapter PI people too);
  • "Capitol Hill Basics" provides inside information about relating to Congressmen;
  • "Alerts" inform visitors about issues that need quick action on their part;
  • "Info" notes usually provide a link to lead to more details or another site;
  • and at each point, UOA can suggest language for a letter to Congress - or you can edit ours, write your own, email it or print it out on your own letterhead.
  • the "E-action List" allows us to collect contact information from those who are interested in our issues and willing to help when asked;
  • "Pass the Word" allows you or a chapter leader to notify others you know about the new section, via email;
  • The "Web Sticker" lets you post a Congressional search on your own website!

You can check out Congressional and Committee schedules, access and communicate with federal agencies; check on who has sponsored and/or who has voted on our issues;

Please visit it now - or soon! And often, to keep up to date. Sign up for the E-action list!
Share your voice on behalf of UOA, both for your own benefit and that of your fellow-members.

Many thanks!!

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