From Stillwater-Ponca City (OK) Ostomy Outlook Jan 2001:

Altered Ostomy HCPCS Codes

by Bob Baumel (January 2001), Stillwater-Ponca City (OK) UOA Chapter

I've just become aware of a change which affects many ostomates in the United States, although I haven't seen it publicized. On Jan 1, 2000 (roughly a year ago), new HCPCS codes were assigned for a number of commonly used ostomy supplies.

"HCPCS" (sometimes pronounced "hick-picks") stands for "HCFA Common Procedure Coding System" and refers to codes which the providers of ostomy supplies must specify when filing for reimbursement by Medicare or any other Insurance carrier.

I've noticed that insurance reimbursements for some of my ostomy supply purchases during 2nd half of 2000 weren't quite right. I also discovered that my ostomy supply provider was still using old HCPCS codes when filing insurance paperwork. Possibly, the incorrect reimbursements resulted from use of the old codes.

The table below displays old and new codes for a number of ostomy product categories, according to information downloaded from HCFA at The "K" codes for many ostomy supplies have been replaced with "A" codes. If you use any products in this table, and if your ostomy supply purchases are covered by any sort of insurance, make sure your supplier has the up-to-date HCPCS codes.

Old New Product description
K0137A4369Skin barrier, liquid.
K0138A4370Skin barrier, paste.
K0139A4371Skin barrier, powder.
K0278A43732-piece flange with standard-wear barrier, built-in convexity.
K0279A43742-piece flange with extended-wear barrier, built-in convexity.
K0430A43862-piece flange with extended-wear barrier, no convexity.
K0431A43871-piece closed pouch, standard-wear barrier, built-in convexity.
K0432A43881-piece drainable pouch, extended-wear barrier, no convexity.
K0433A43891-piece drainable pouch, standard-wear barrier, built-in convexity.
K0434A43901-piece drainable pouch, extended-wear barrier, built-in convexity.
K0435A43911-piece urinary pouch, extended-wear barrier, no convexity.
K0436A43921-piece urinary pouch, standard-wear barrier, built-in convexity.
K0437A43931-piece urinary pouch, extended-wear barrier, built-in convexity.
K0438A4394Deodorant for ostomy pouch, liquid.
K0439A4395Deodorant for ostomy pouch, solid.

Note: "Extended-wear" barriers refer primarily to Hollister Flextend and ConvaTec Durahesive materials. So far as I know, all other ostomy skin barriers are considered "standard-wear."

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