From Stillwater-Ponca City (OK) Ostomy Outlook April 2000:

New Book - "Yes We Can"

"Advice on Traveling with an Ostomy and Tips for Everyday Living"

by Barbara Kupfer, Kathy Foley-Bolch, W. Brian Sweeney, and Michelle Fallon Kasouf

A new travel guide has been published, devoted to the specific concerns of ostomates. Three of the authors are ostomates (members of the Worcester, Massachusetts UOA chapter), while the fourth, W. Brian Sweeney, is a surgeon, formerly with University of Massachusetts Hospital in Worcester, MA, now at the University of Minnesota. The authors have pledged profits from sales of this book to the United Ostomy Association and The American College of Colon and Rectal Surgeons. From the publisher's press release:

"Unlike any book on the market, a new pocket-sized reference guide explores issues beyond standard medical explanations and shows that post-surgical travel is not only possible, it's easy! Three people with ostomies and a surgeon have teamed up to prove that ostomy surgery does not have to affect their lifestyles. Traveling, a hesitation point for some people with ostomies, is the main focus of this book, Yes We Can! Advice on Traveling with An Ostomy and Tips for Everyday Living (Chandler House Press, April 2000).

"Yes We Can features:

"The book will be available April 15, 2000 from:

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