From Stillwater-Ponca City (OK) Ostomy Outlook Feb 2000:


via Semi-Colon and Cheers & Tears; via Santa Barbara (CA) Side Exit

I think that I shall never see
a stoma well-behaved like me.
A stoma that will understand
when restrooms aren't near at hand.
A stoma that will quiet be
when the room is full of company.
A stoma that will really rest
when I change at a time I think is best.
But let's not dream and let's not pray;
a stoma is not built that way.
A stoma is built to work, not to play;
and work it does, both night and day.
A stoma has a head, but not a mind;
it sometimes can be so unkind.
Yet thankful we must always be
that surgeons work so skillfully.
Sure, God can make an anus perk,
but only man can make a stoma work!

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